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Camelman Dreaming,  Author Signed, non Fiction Book – Free Shipping within Australia. Be inspired by a former school teacher and learn how & why he would want to learn about camels; sell all his possessions; then risk his life to WALK 6,500km (not ride) from Darwin (top end of Australia) to Melbourne (Bottom end of Australia) with 8 camels in the name of charity.


OUT OF STOCK Camelman Dreaming, Author Signed, non Fiction Book – Free Shipping within Australia

Be inspired by a former school teacher & lecturer and learn how & why he would want to:

> learn about camels
> sell all his possessions
> then risk his life….

….to WALK 6,500km (not ride) from Darwin (top end of Australia) to Melbourne (Bottom end of Australia) with 8 camels in the name of charity.

Australian Residents (only) author signed copy for limited time

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Camel Expedition
On two year Camel Expedition

What others are saying…

“What an amazing day to day account of a camel trek journey across the outback of Australia to Melbourne to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s first foundation! Russell’s descriptions had me walking right along side of him and eight ‘wonders of the world’ camels that the Indian’s symbolize as ”love”. There were many life lessons tucked in between the lines of this amazing story. I hated to get to the end of the book, and found myself thinking I wanted to continue reading about Russell’s life lessons after the trek. You’ll love this book! I did.” – Book Review

Russell Osborne Cameleer
Russell Osborne

Russell Osborne has been inspiring people of all ages through his determination & generosity to complete an unforgettable walking Expedition across Australia – 6,500km long.

Russell’s story isn’t just about camels and an expedition, it’s one of valuable life lessons and provoking global thoughts that will leave reader or listener ‘thinking globally’, inspired & motivated.

“I truly hope you become inspired to follow your dreams by reading this book and to come to the realisation that all hurdles can be overcome to achieve dreams of any sort”.


Australian Residents (only) author signed copy for limited time

Outside of Australia: please follow THIS LINK

What others are saying…

“Highly Recommend, It was emotional, engaging (& funny) right to the end!”

cameleer camelman dreaming Russell Osborne

About This Book
(Non Fiction)

Camelman Dreaming is the true adventure story by explorer and Author, Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Russell Osborne.
A dream that took fifteen years to complete one of the Great Camel Treks Australia has experienced.

Keynote Inspirational Motivational Speaker and Author, Russell Osborne created the Australian Camel Expedition Trek titled:
The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 which resulted in over $30,000 raised for the Children First Foundation along with national and world wide awareness of the Foundations goals of saving and changing children’s lives in need of specialist medical procedures.

Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Russell Osborne had been a lecturer in English on the Gold Coast of Australia when in an instant, he had developed a self-driven purpose to walk the continent of Australia with a herd of camels for a children’s charity after a bout of depression following the death of his mother.

Not knowing a single thing about camels in Australia, camel expedition work, the deserts of Australia, navigation and how to organize a transcontinental crossing through some of the harshest and most isolated desert regions on the planet, he set his goals with unwavering determination to ‘Get the Job Done,’ resulting in a great Australian adventure of camel trekking in Australia’s outback.

russell osborne camel expedition

Facing intense tropical heat, poisonous plants, feral bull camel attacks day and night, intense desert terrain, isolation and life threatening desert temperatures along with traffic when arriving at the city of Melbourne, the Australian Camel Expedition Trek arrived at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, two years after beginning the expedition to celebrate the successful separation operation of conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna, from Bangladesh. The Children First Foundation had arranged for the twins separation operation at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Arriving at the Royal Children’s Hospital on the 22/11/2009, after walking with the eight pack camels some 6500 kilometers, the Camel Expedition and its supporters thanked the founder of the Children First Foundation, Moira Kelly AO for her selfless life of changing and saving children’s lives.

This non-fiction book, Camelman Dreaming, is the personal account by Russell Osborne of the thirteen years of preparation and the two years of travel by walking across the continent of Australia, through the outback, to achieve the dream.

The Camel Expedition Route

Camel Expedition Route

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camel desert expedition

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