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We know how frustrating it can be to get good information about camel training styles and techniques, especially a style that resonates with you. The free information doesn’t seem to help and can make you feel even more unsure.

We know you want to be a responsible camel owner (why else would you be here?) and that you have the camel’s best interest at heart.

This online camel training course will teach you a gentle and natural way of handling camels which will set foundations for any future camel training and handling.  


Plus you’ll get….


  • Copy of our  Introduction to Camel Husbandry handbook (valued at $24.95)


  • Lifetime access to our Trust Based Camel Training Course online (valued at $197)


  • 3 months free subscription to our Cameleer Academy membership where we offer LIVE weekly training videos (the only place where we answer questions and give personalised advice outside our in-person events (valued at $197)


In This Online Camel Training Course You Will Learn…


  • The foundations of learning how to train and handle camels based on Trust, Mutual Respect & Love for the camel


  • Gentle & non-dominate ways of training and handling camels – Forget all the heavy handed and dominance based camel training styles, we’ll show you another way!


  • How to De-code the camel’s unique language so you can better train & handle them.


  • Learn basic camel phycology so that you can start training camels and get results today!


 Are you a beginner (maybe even without camels yet)? Start your camel journey here


We’ve got your back! You can stop worrying that you might be teaching your camel the ‘wrong things’.


Fail proof your camel training skills with instant, lifetime access right here!


In 1 hour Learn our Camel Connection, Trust Based Camel Training® method

The only place on the internet where you can get a Camel Training Course!

Camel training course camel husbandry book

A camel’s size does not mean they need force and dominance in order to be trained. Instead they need a steadfast leader they can reply on. 

Let us show you how!

WHAT YOU GET- 9 key Lessons:

Lesson One – Yarding & Haltering

Lesson Two – Building Trust

Lesson Three – Trust & Bonding

Lesson Four – “Hooshing” on Command

Lesson Five – Desensitising Your Camel

Lesson Six – “Up” on Command

Lesson Seven – In Hand Leading (First lead)

Lesson Eight – “Hooshing” & Backing up away from Rail

Lesson Nine – Leading Outside Training Yard (concreting the trust)

As an extra bonus you will get our Camel Husbandry eBook with this purchase!

Camel Husbandry Book how to care for camels


cameleer Camel Training cameleer

3 months Free membership to our  Cameleer Academy Support group…

Where you can…

  • Ask questions, post updates and get tailored advice. This is the only place where we give individual advice!


  • Get free weekly LIVE training videos on training, handling & husbandry.


  • Meet like-minded camel loving people.


This Camel Training Course can be watched online, anywhere at anytime!

PLAYS ON Smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops & PCs with internet connection

camel training

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For a camel to understand what you’re asking the HANDLER has to change his or her way of thinking – to think more like a camel! We cannot expect the camel to try and understand us and our thinking.

Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® method isn’t really camel training at all, it’s people training.

We’ve built this Trust Based Camel Training method off the camel’s natural abilities, this is all we ask of them in this type of training. BUT FIRST, in order to achieve these things the CAMEL HAS TO TRUST YOU –  without the manipulation of food (treats) or bribery.



BUILDING TRUST ISN’T ENCOURAGING BAD BEHAVIOURS… It’s so easy (and natural) to think that the way to win any animal over is through the stomach, Camel Connection is not about “winning” the camel over with foods or treats. The way camel’s feel about treats or food is they only want food, and see you as a way to get it.  This can produce a really dangerous camel in the future. We’ve seen it time and time again. But, do not fret if this is you, this is recoverable, we’ll show you how.

BUILDING TRUST WITH A CAMEL IS MORE THAN the camel being intrigued and fascinated with you as this is their nature, you’ll find, once put to the test (start asking them to do things) their fear will show up, this is why it’s so important to set the foundations right with connection, strong bond formation and trust building exercises.

BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CAMEL ISN’T making a camel do things for you out of fear – a camel is scared/uncomfortable when he cuds (spits), kicks etc.

GIVING INSTRUCTION TO CAMELS ISN’T putting a camel or it’s handler in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation to get the desired results.

Camel Connection, Trust Based Camel Training®: Asking the camel to with work ‘with‘ you not ‘for’ you


camel training



camel training

Get the complete package for on $197

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    • Where the camel and the handler are connected in a two way relationship of trust, friendship and understanding.
    • A personal growth journey for the handler (human) and camel alike.
    • An alternative approach to ‘traditional camel training’. No use of heavy handedness, violence and dominance of the camel.
    • Is persuasive rather than dominate.
    • Eliminates the camel’s fear one by one to establish a good relationship and training platform.
    • Is not a ‘treat training’ method. 
  • Don’t risk confusing your camel in training, try Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® today with no regrets!


  • You hate the idea of being ‘heavy handed’ on an animal
  • You prefer a relationship based on trust and respect rather than fear
  • You have recently purchased a camel and want to learn more about them
  • You are considering buying a camel and would like to learn some basics
  • You don’t want your camel to learn long lasting bad habits
  • You want your camel to WANT to be with you and not fear you
  • You want your camel & yourself to be on a pathway towards training success
  • You want to stop using treats or other forms of bribery to gain trust from your camel
  • You want to learn how to work ‘with’ your camel
  • You want a loving and trusting relationship with your camel
  • You want to create a business idea from using camels (including milking)

    Get the complete package for on $197

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Price in AUD

We want to help caring and responsible camel owners just like you! We’re 100% dedicated to your camel journey and  in sharing this positive Camel Training Method with you!


Camel training course camel husbandry book



This Camel Training Online 9 part video series was filmed LIVE on location of our popular [Level 1] Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® Camel  Clinic.

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Stop feeling unsure about your camel handling and camel training skills, start your journey today…


Get the complete package for on $197

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Price in AUD


What qualifies us to teach you?

Along our camel journey we’ve learnt many things, often the hard way, which makes us determined to share all the camel information that we know with you through training courses such as this. We specialize in helping new camel owners get comfortable with their new found wooly friend, learn how to handle, train, bond with and care for their camel(s).

We’ve had an array of experience working in and managing…

Riding Operations

Camel Trekking

Camel Expeditions

Running Camel Training Clinics Australia Wide & Internationally

Camel Management & Farming

Camel Expeditioners

Tourism Operations

Mentor’s for other Camel Business Owners

You can read more about us HERE

Tara Lea Russell Osborne Cameleer

Get the complete package for on $197

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