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Having the access to use a camel ‘spider’ harness is one of the most important pieces of camel tack you ought to have, next to a camel halter, especially if you have more than one camel and plan on stringing or caravanning the camels one behind the other.

Making a harness is simple – let us show you show with this DIY Camel Spider Harness Making Workshop (suitable for dromedary camels)

Within 30 minutes you’ll know how to make your very own Camel Harness Spider!

Never Heard of a Camel Spider Harness…?

Although the name (spider) might make you think of an actual spider it will be interesting for you to know why it’s called that. When you look at a [camel] spider harness on a camel you can imagine that it can look like a big spider covering the camel. Hence the name. We’ve got no leads on where this history or name originated from – the imagination is the limit!

For many years we have been training camels, of all ages. From pack camels as well as riding camels, all beginning with the camel accepting a spider. It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment we have and should be one of yours too!

Check out the video below to learn of the camel spider harness uses

Camel Spider Harness Uses

Training camels to walk one behind the other safely (in a caravan/string).

Training young camels important ‘manners’ with coach camel in front.

Using coach camels to teach young camel to lead.

Camel Expedition – for the resting camel without gear

Camel Expedition (Bactrian) – for tying packs onto.

How Camel Spider Harness Work

Using a spider for any of the above mentioned scenarios is the safest way in undertaking handling or training with camels one behind the other. The spider prevents the camel behind coming too far forward and possibly causing harm to the handler or camel in front. As pictured below the camel behind has it’s lead rope through the rings of the spider in front and the rope is at a safe length that a. camels legs can’t get wrap in rope and b. tied short enough (but not too short) so that the camel behind cannot go too far forward.  Please see this link: to see how a spider works, it’s uses and safety precautions.

Watch the video below where we explain How To use the Camel Spider Harness and it’s uses.

What You Get

You’ll get a full explanatory Tutorial video with an accompanying Workbook (downloadable and printable).


Within 30 minutes you’ll know how to make your very own Camel Harness Spider!

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