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How a Camel Thinks, Styles of Camel Training & Bonding

If you’ve ever wanted to sit down with some fellow camel lovers and trainers then this is exactly what our ‘coffee [camel] chats’ (minus the real coffee) are all about.

Episode 1 of Coffee [Camel] Chat

1:11 – We discuss why it’s important to get a camel to sit (hoosh, kush, sit down)  wether you have a pet, working or dairy camel. We also share several different circumstances on when you might need to have a camel to sit on command even if you’d thought you’d never need to use it.

5:40 – We discuss dairy Camels and whether they should or shouldn’t be trained...?

9:54 – Is bonding with camels really that important for proper training? We share some ‘stories’ on this exact question.

13:34 – Our opinion on Treat Training Camels, how a camel thinks in these circumstances and how and why it works.

We also have a few guest appearances – you’ll have to watch to find out!

Now it’s over to you: can you relate to any of the topics discussed and if so which one and why? Leave a comment below.

Do you have a camel question for us? If so write your question below in the comments – we’ll be sure to respond here or in another episode of our Coffee [Camel] Chat.

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

7 thoughts on “How a Camel Thinks, Styles of Camel Training & Bonding

  1. Loved the video. I really appreciated the section on treats. I like the old tram in the background as well. Not sure whether it’s on your property or not though. When I come for my level one course I will make sure I have something for Owen paw patrol related.

    1. Hi Narelle, we’re glad you enjoyed the video. We loved making it 🙂
      The old tram is ‘ours’ – we “inherited” with the property and it appears that it has to stay as it’s too old to move. It a bit of an icon – The Camel People with the Tram – haha.
      We look forward to having you soon!

  2. Hi Tara & Russel,
    Thank you very much for your video, very informative, really enjoyed it, I’ll get in touch with you in the near future…

    1. Hi Eric, Pressure Release is when you apply pressure (like pulling on a lead) then releasing it, as a ‘reward’, when the camel responds – hope that explains it?

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