Camel Ed Programs

Camel Ed Demonstrations at Special Events or For Groups

We just love to share our camels with others, that’s exactly why we created our camel education Programs for Schools, Clubs, Social Groups, Field days, Markets/festivals and the like.

Hands On & Interactive Camel Experience

camel education learn about camels
Nobody likes a boring story or educational program about an animal that is rarely talked about! That’s why we are passionate about sharing our camels and their stories, history & nature with you!

Participants will learn through ‘hands on’ interaction with our friendly camels about their history, busting conventional camel myths, get up close and personal & even learn some simple camel training talk!

Russell will share a bit about his ‘big’ 6,500km walk form the top of Australia to the bottom with his trusty camels along side him back in 2008-2009. He will share what it was like in isolation almost all the time & not having access to simple things like food & water.

You’ll never see camels the same way again!

Camel Ed Experience Includes:

Myth busters: Get the real facts straight from the camels mouth
– Touch: Get up close and personal with our friendly camels.
– Training: Learn some simple & gentle camel training ‘talk’ & even try it for yourself!
– History: Learn some fascinating history stories about how the camel came to Australia.
– Environment: Learn about why camels are helping the environment & some really cool (or shall we say ‘hot’) desert fact

camel education at school camel education camels at girl guides

Our programs suit all ages!

More of What’s Included…

  •  Professional Camel Handling Experience
  • Hands on Camel Experience for all participants
  • 40 – 60 minute information rich & interaction camel workshop
  • Q & A time
  • An experience that will be treasured forever!


Russell Osborne Cameleer
Russell Osborne
Tara Lea Cameleer
Tara Lea

A Bit About us:

Russell & Tara are the owners and operators of Australian Camels where they conduct regular camel training courses worldwide using the Trust Based Camel Handling Method as well as Outback Camel Safaris & Beach Rides at Lakes Entrance.  With their tribe of 16 camels (and growing) and four children there is never a dull moment. Read more about us HERE


$600 for 1 hour Camel Ed Experience.
Max people: 25-30 (this ensures participants gain the best experience)
Travel cost added for towns beyond 15km from Bairnsdale, Vic.

How to Book: