• Australian Camel Corps

    14 Amazing Photos of Camels used in War

    Animals were a big part of assisting their handlers in wartimes. Some were used for practical reasons others were mascots to raise moral and or companionship to help assist with the hardship of the times. the Imperial Camel Corps, first raised in 1916, was a camel-mounted infantry force operating in the Middle Eastern and African deserts...Read More

  • camel training camel breaking

    5 Reasons Not to Break a Camel In – But Still Have a Trained Camel

    I grew up with horses and the terminology of “breaking” a horse in. When I became a professional horse trainer (years ago) I loathed the word “breaking in,” to me it just felt wrong and went against my method of training a horse and my natural instincts towards them. I used to dream of being..Read More

  • camel rides lakes entrance

    Camel beach rides more than meets the eye in East Gippsland

    Reported by ABC Gippsland See original POST HERE Beach camel rides have become a new attraction in Lakes Entrance, but for owners Russell Osborne and Tara Lea, the camels are more just than a tourist attraction. Mr Osborne’s first encounter with camels was a product of spontaneity and impulse decision making. “I was lecturing at..Read More

  • Camel Milk Information from Farmer to Consumer

    Here is some interesting Camel Milk Information from Farmer to Consumer (sources at base of blog post) that will help you in your camel milk journey: Camel is the only livestock specie which was originally domesticated for milk; God gifted the camel to Prophet Saleh (PBUH) for milk only, almost 3500 BC. Camel Milk is..Read More

  • Camel Training

    REVEALED: Why We Went to Thailand To Train Camels

    To be quite honest it was never in our radar to visit Thailand for CAMEL TRAINING or even Cameleer Training for that matter! When people think ‘Thailand’ they associate it with bad, harsh and inhumane treatment of animals. When the proposal first arrived for the need of our professional advice on training camels we hesitated...Read More

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