• Camel Hobbles, Camel Halters & Haters

    Hobbles, Halters & Haters – Camel [Coffee] Chat

    Grab a cuppa and join us for a Camel Coffee Chat where we talk about the most latest camel news with insights and information to help you along your camel journey whether you have camels or not. In this CCC (camel coffee chat) episode we’re talking camel hobbles, their uses, types of camel hobbles and..Read More

  • Why Australia Kills Wild Camels

    Why Australia Kills Wild Camels

    All the amazing camels that we’ve ever had, and now have, would be lying dead on the desert floor if we did not have them with us. This, we know for a fact. Given our wild camel ‘situation’ in Australia we refuse to ‘breed camels’ because that just seems unfair… Australia has the largest wild..Read More

  • camel toys

    Camel Toys – Do They Need Them and Are They Dangerous?

    We all want to do the right thing by our animals, in this case our camels, but sometimes the lack of understanding of a camel’s psychology – their way of thinking – can do more harm than good. The truth is that to gain a good understanding of a camel’s psychology takes years of being..Read More

  • camel husbandry camel toys camel care

    3 Ways To Nurture a Camel’s Natural Instinct

    If you’re a camel owner or care for camels in one way or another this blog post is for you! The truth is that we humans take an animal from its wild and natural habitat, so we can admire, work with, get to know and understand them more. For thousands of years humans have been..Read More

  • camel health camel husbandry

    3 Signs That a Camel is Healthy

    We all know how important it is to keep our animals healthy. ‘Dr Google’ is most people’s favourite Go To for diagnosis and cures – we’re all guilty of it! But, there’s an underlining problem with Googling camel husbandry information, because, lets face the hard facts here, information found online can be extremely contradictive, in..Read More

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