• Walking Kenya with Camels Abby Brooke Walking Autism

    Walking Kenya with Camels – Walking Autism with Abby Brooke

    You know when you accidentally meet someone who completely inspires you by their work in the world that you think everyone should know about this person? Well, this is what we think of Abby Brooke, who we met ‘by accident’ on social media. Almost right away, after a little investigation, we invited her onto our..Read More

  • buying camels camels for sale

    5 Reasons You Need a Camel

    If you’ve been considering owning and buying camels –  we’ve got your back! In this episode we share all the reasons You need camels in your life. Maybe you’ve seen some camels for sale and your tempted to be their new owner or maybe you’re in the research phase. In the below podcast we explain…...Read More

  • Charity Camel Trek How To Do Your Own

    Charity Camel Treks How To Do Your Own

    Admittedly, we LIVE for charity camel treks! Between us (Russel & Tara) we’ve managed to raise over $30,000 for charities that are close to our hearts and we encourage others to do the same, hence this new podcast all about how YOU can do your own charity camel trek. Although the title suggests that you..Read More

  • Camel Hobbles, Camel Halters & Haters

    Hobbles, Halters & Haters – Camel [Coffee] Chat

    Grab a cuppa and join us for a Camel Coffee Chat where we talk about the most latest camel news with insights and information to help you along your camel journey whether you have camels or not. In this CCC (camel coffee chat) episode we’re talking camel hobbles, their uses, types of camel hobbles and..Read More

  • Why Australia Kills Wild Camels

    Why Australia Kills Wild Camels

    All the amazing camels that we’ve ever had, and now have, would be lying dead on the desert floor if we did not have them with us. This, we know for a fact. Given our wild camel ‘situation’ in Australia we refuse to ‘breed camels’ because that just seems unfair… Australia has the largest wild..Read More

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