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camel nose peg for sale

In instances where it is necessary (for operation purposes) to have a camel nose peg we offer the safest nose pegging option available.

Our Australian made non-splintering, polycarbonate camel nose pegs is the surest way to avoid injury on the camel while offering the security of the nose peg.

Purchase comes complete with instructional video to show your vet (for insertion) as well as How To Handle a Camel with a Nose Peg.

We only sell nose pegs to those that get in contact with us to make sure the camels best interest is at heart.

Why are our camel nose pegs made from polycarbonate?

The main reason being that it will not splinter in the camels nose unlike some wooden nose pegs. It is super strong and will last for years.

The camel nose peg is made up of three parts:

  1. inner disk which goes on the inside of camels nose with ‘peg’ come through on outside
  2. Washer which goes on outside
  3. Screw which screws into the polycarbonate disk (from the outside)

We will not sell anything we do not use in our own camel operations.

Buy from our trusted camel shop to insure you get the best quality product for you beloved camels!

camel nose peg for sale

RRP $60ea

Includes instructional video for insertion and handling a nose pegged camel.

FREE POSTAGE Australia wide!

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camel nose peg for sale

Nose pegging a camel is a procedure we recommend done with a veterinarian for best results and safest option for the camel. Anaesthetics must be used.


  • Lead camel in a commercial operation
  • Lead camel in a camel caravan or string
  • Back up lead camel in a commercial operations
  • Camel in riding operation (for insurance purposes)
  • Riding Camel

Camels need to be trained into a nose peg/nose line. Nose pegs should be used as a back up security/control of the halter/rope. We can help with instructions on how to train a camel into the nose line through our in-home Camel Call ins or our Coaching Camel Consults over the phone/skype. The video included in this purchase overs the basics. We will follow up with you after your purchase to insure that you’re confident in its use.


RRP $60AUD ea, FREE Postage Australia Wide.