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Perfect addition to dress up your camel(s) or for working camels in a string/caravan operation.

Our handmade neck straps with camel bells are designed for the handler to hear when things are happening in a camel string/caravan operation.

When a handler is leading a string/caravan of camels from the front they can hear what is going on with the camels behind them with the aid of these neck straps with bells. The bells on the camels will alert the handler of any disturbances before it reaches the front camel (e.g. a spook).

These bells can be heard through wind and on most walking terrain.

Note: Straps and Bells can be sold separately. Please see below for prices.

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Please allow up to two weeks delivery within Australia


These bells are also perfect addition to any dressing up for christmas pageants or the like. The beautiful sounding bell will ring a pleasant sound which ripples a natural relaxation through any ears it falls upon and attracts attention.

Ideal to use when camels are feeding out in hobbles. The bells can be heard at arpox 2km.

Ideal for camels being walked amongst pedestrians and or traffic.

The neck straps are also designed for strength to have camel hobbles hanging off them while not in use (see picture below).


Camel Hobbles

Click below to hear the camel bells ring

NOTE: The bells sound in the above audio is the fainter bells not the cow bell.

Our brass bells are sourced from India where all the best bells come from.

camel bell

The Neck straps and bells can be used on any large livestock.


Please allow up to two weeks delivery within Australia


Brass Bells

Brass Rivets

Galvanised D- shackle

Thick cow hide leather for strength (leather straps)

Strong Nylon plastic coated seatbelt webbing (black strap)


One Camel Bell and Strap per camel is sufficient unless you want more ringing (pictures are for display).

Full buckle and strap with holes for adjustable lengths.

Bells can be removed easily if just the strap is required.

Strap can be used to hang hobbles off.

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3 Different Colours:

From left to right

Stained Leather (darker coloured strap)

Natural Leather (unstained)

Plastic Coated Nylon Webbing (Black)

Note: the nylon is best for lots of outdoor use as it’s low maintenance (doesn’t require oil etc).

One Size fits All

We never sell what we don’t use on our own camels and in our operations.

Quality Guaranteed

camel bells camel equipment sales camel shop

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Please allow up to two weeks delivery within Australia


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[Black] Nylon Plastic Coated Strap with Bell $41.00 AUD, [Black] Nylon Plastic Coated Strap without bell $21.00 AUD, Camel Bell (without Strap) $36.00 AUD, Leather Strap with Bell $57.00 AUD, Leather Strap without bell $25.00 AUD


Black Nylon Plastic Coated, Raw Leather, Stained Leather