Outback Camel Trek


If You’re craving a nature based getaway that is unique (something very few people do), in Australia then you’ve come to the right place.

 Our one of a kind outback camel treks will make you feel connected with nature and re-charge your batteries – WE GUARANTEED!  You’ll also get hands on experience with our trekking camels as this is the core value of our outback camel treks.

Most of all imagine the fun, relaxing, laughter, good food, amazing scenery, comfy swags (bed-rolls), adventure and camel hugs that you’ll get on our TOP NOCH (aka “Premier”) Outback Camel Safaris in the Australian Outback!

But, don’t just take our word for it….

Camel Trek

“I can’t think of any other trip that I would prefer to do in Australia at all. I recommend this camel trek to anyone who wants to get out into a historic place (the Flinders Ranges). I found the camel trek incredibly relaxing” 

• Michael, MD Surgeon, QLD, Australia


Are you the kind of person that can’t laze around under a palm tree for 5 days? You’ve got to be doing things, discovering new things, going on adventures and being inspired by nature?

Would you like an extra-ordinary holiday where you will do something different, daring, outrageously fun & adventurous?


WARNING: Only for adventurous souls! 

We want to share our magnificent camels with you (yes you) and show you around the 800 million year old land on one of our 5 day outback camel treks, Flinders Ranges.

Our managing director and co-owner/operator (Tara) made this video, for herself to remind her of how wonderful the outback and trekking with camels is,  she wants you to see this… watch is below (it’s short)…
Outback Camel Trek

You’d be pleased to hear that we are a non riding camel trek, that means no unnecessary discomforts associated with sitting in a saddle all day long. Truthfully though, the reason we don’t offer camel riding on our outback camel safaris is because we have seen that people get so much more value from our camel trips, the camel experience and the outback when they walk. You become one with nature and begin to form a high appreciation for the simplest things.

We know getting time away from everyday life can be a struggle so we’ve done all the hard work for you – LET US TAKE YOU ON A CAMEL EXPEDITION, on a smaller, more doable scale in a space of 5 days!

Most of all, our beautiful and loyal camels carry all our supplies in true Australian camel expedition style. We trek with camels without vehicle backup, meaning we’re with the camels and the wilderness which is SIMPLICITY at it’s best! Exactly what makes every camel trekker rave about their unique adventure holiday with us.

Camel Trek Flinders Ranges Australia “Being part of a camel trek in the Flinders Ranges was a powerful and memorable experience for me.  It takes a while for the city to wash out of you and for the experience to grab hold, but  when it does, you cannot be but moved by the ancient landscape and these large gentle animals.  For myself, who had never before experienced the outback, this trek with camels was a profound experience.  – Frankie, Melbourne, Australia 



Our outback camel treks in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia are 5 days in total. Five days with our friendly camels and nature bliss in historic lands that will blow your mind! We don’t offer short camel treks as this would sell you short of an amazing experience in the outback with the magnificent camels.


Camel Treks Australia

— 2017 — Outback Camel Treks Dates:

May Camel Trek 15th – 19th (filling)

June Camel Trek 12th – 16th

July Camel Trek10th – 14th

August (Yoga) Camel Trek 14th – 18th (2 spots left)

— 2018 — Outback Camel Trek Dates:

May 14th – 18th

August 20th – 24th

Our July Outback Camel Trek will be an extended 16 day Desert Camel Expedition trekking to the famous Lake Eyre. If this extended camel trek interests you more please click HERE


We’re lucky enough to be trekking with camels on Almerta Station, in the Southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Why did we choose this station out of the 100’s of other Stations (aka massive expanses of farming land) in Australia? Well, firstly we loved the name ‘Almerta’ because it’s native aboriginal language meaning ‘Pretty Place’ or ‘Running Water’. Running water in the outback? YEP! Another reason we love Almerta is the natural springs scattered around the station.

Outback Camel Trek Another another big attraction to is the magnificent Creeks lined with gumtrees And the views on Almerta Station… We could go on, but we don’t want to give it ALL away!

Our camel treks run on Almerta Station, Flinders Range’s approx. 20 minutes from Carrieton township, South Australia and 4 hours from Adelaide (closest major city).

If you haven’t yet been to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, YOU’RE MISSING OUT! It’s  one of the TOP places to visit in Australia. Every time we camel trek in the Flinders Ranges, we STILL (after 4 years) have our breaths taken away from the amazing scenery and its presence, it’s very magical and unforgettable.

Ah, our beautiful and beloved, NON-CANTANKUROUS camels. We love them and it’s guaranteed that you too will fall in love with them, everyone who comes on our camel treks do….

“Gentle giants with personalities each their own. Watching and observing their ways in the desert, their ease and slow, steady pace with it all was truly magic. The connection formed between each of us and our own camel on the camel trek is something I don’t think any of us will ever forget!  What an amazing journey!” – Amanda, Victoria, Australia 

“My initial thoughts about what the camels: I thought they would have much more of a temperament, but I’m quite surprised in how well I was able to bond with the camels and how much trust they placed in me. They are just such humble and majestic creatures!– Bilal, Melbourne, Australia

DID YOU KNOW THAT Few People Will Ever Experience a Camel Safari like this? – TRUE! > Get hands on experience and bonding with our beautiful pack camels. Yes, HANDS ON! You too will become a cameleer over the 5 days. We’re the only camel trekking operation that we know of that offer this experience! We want YOU to get to get to know our camels personally as they want to get to know you too.

> Camel Trek through the outback, just as you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll be amazed by the endless outback skies, night and day, and of course the red dirt that’s only seen on the famous Australian outback!

> Sleep under the stars. Seriously, you have NEVER seen stars like that in the open outback skies – just WOW! We don’t even have a picture to show you…Because that still wouldn’t say what we mean.

> We also feed you for 5 days! We cook with the smell of campfire smoke in our noses…. Mmmmm…This is what creates memories! We cook meals that’ll fill you right up to the top. We even cater to specialty diets.

Be prepared to see large expanses of land and blue skies – not a tourist in sight, a moment to enjoy & treasure forever!

“My first and defiantly not my last experience with Australian Camels was absolutely fantastic! I went into the camel trek not really knowing what to expect. I had never slept in a swag under the stars before, gone trekking or even been on a holiday without my family or friends.  I love camels and thought what a holiday! The Landscapes I saw was simply breath taking. I really enjoyed the hands on camel experience everyday and spending time with them. If you are thinking of going on a camel trek with  Australian Camels, but are unsure… JUST DO IT!!!  Whether you’re old or young, big or small adventurous or a little cautious I believe you will have a great time if you take a chance and just DO IT.” – Lisa de Brenni, Alice Springs, Australia

WE EXPLORE WITH YOU! We’re always covering new ground to explore and see nature as we find it – magical! Most of the time we too are seeing things for the first time. True explorers through and through, will you be an explorer with us?

“What a life-changing experience! The splendor of the desert, the vastness of the sky, the wind blowing across the high rocky plains. The silence encompasses the soul in infinity. The act of walking every day into a new unknown provides an element of self-growth that cannot be obtained any other way.  And the camels – you can’t help falling in love with these sweet, gentle beings who will give you a kiss for the price of a song” – Stephanie. Victoria, Australia

Day 1 begins with a welcoming campfire and yummy shared breakfast (did someone say FRESH damper with melted butter!?). We take you through a briefing on camel trekking safety procedures and protocols for leaving ‘no trace’ as we enter the wilderness, just as it should be. We teach you basic cameleering (camel handling) skills and you even get your own camel to bond with for the week! After we’ve worked together to saddle and pack our pack camels we trek to exotic and unfamiliar locations discovering parts of the outback that have never been seen before (because most people use cars, not camels). We never take the same path twice… Actually there are no paths, we create our own! The days are relaxingly and consistent with the smell of campfire and freshly baked damper for breakfast. You’ll become a shepherd of the camels as they munch on their tucker for an hour or so in the morning (a good time for thinking and watching the camel behavior, in our humble option). The camel train is lead back to camp ready to be groomed, saddled and packed with all our gear ready for another day of camel trekking, exploring and absorbing in the diverseness of the Australian Outback on an Outback Camel Safari.
Be prepared to trek up to 5km per day – get you’re trekkin’ boots on! Our camel treks are more about the epxeince rather than the miles (although we can cater to this need).
We trek across diverse land, spotting wildlife, wild flowers and enjoy conversations with like-minded people (no one has ever wanted to go home from bad company – see below).
“Can I just say I found the time in the desert with the camels and such a wonderful bunch of people a truly positive and healing experience – I came back [home] to Tassie feeling like quite a weight had been lifted, and for that I’m truly grateful.” 
– Sharon Griffiths, Tasmainia
THEN….we stop at a new location to share a healthy and hearty lunch (fresh food! No dehydrated food) and then get on our way to find the perfect location for a good night camp for unforgettable sunsets, expanse of the night sky and the perfect sunrise to greet the day…Ahhhhh….. Now THAT’S an ADVENTURE that you’ll be raving about to your  friends & family!
outback camel trek
Our Outback Camel Treks are: Monday – Friday during May to August each year.
If you’re known to be “different”, “Unique”, a little crazy and ‘out there’ then you’re the perfect fit for one of our camel safaris!
TREAD LIGHTLY, GO CAMEL TREKKING. We really love to be camel trekking in the outback  so we do our absolute best to conduct eco friendly camel trekking methods, preserving the beauty of the region. That means: leaving no trace, less packaging foods -more fresh foods, healthy food for both human and camels alike.
$1700pp (Adult)
$1600 (Student)
$1600 (Pensioner)
$1400 (Per person for FAMILY of three or more – immediate family)
We Guarantee an experience of a life-time. Camel kisses are a bonus.
“Getting out of the city and experiencing outback Australia was extraordinary, but to be walking through the land was truly an exceptional experience.  And with the very gracious camels carrying all our gear and plenty of water, we were free to appreciate every moment out there. Of course the trek unfolded so beautifully because we were in the hands of expert camel trekkers.  The trek still lingers on my mind.  I feel enriched. I feel happier.  It shifted my perspective on life.  It was truly unique and very special to me.” – Jennifer Quartermaine

We’re glad you asked! If you’ve read this far then you’re the kind of person that would suit one of our outback camel treks. Fill in the form below so we can get in touch with you… Because we like to give that personal touch… (because we are not strange robots wanting your credit card details)! P.S. Don’t want your family and or friends to miss out on such a TOP NOCH adventure? We cater for groups too (6+ people). We also have been known to run treks for speciality groups (scroll down to see more on that).

Outback Camel Trek Inquiry/Booking Form

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Safari Dates That Intrest you

Outback Camel Safari Trekking Information.
All Meals Included
Camp cooking under the stars whilst on outback camel safari.
Vegetarians/special diets catered for (Advanced notice required)
Only the freshest foods are used
Evening meals prepared by our experienced camp cook
Style and class in the bush
Group travellers requests taken (Advanced Notice Required)
What’s Included:
Professional Camel Handling Experience
Quality Swags for sleeping under the stars
Clean inner swag sleep sheets and pillows
Tents in the advent of rain
Adventure  and Exploring
All Meals whilst on safari
All transfers from Almerta Homestead to Camel Safari Base Camp
An experience you’ll treasure forever
We Guarantee:
All safety equipment carried with us at all times
High Quality Meals prepared by our specialist cook
All necessary First Aid Equipment carried at all times
All advanced Communications equipment carried at all times
All camels are experienced trekking camels
All cameleers are experienced camel trekking guides
Experienced leadership
Superior environmental practices used
Outstanding Outback Environmental Experience
Payment Information:
Deposit 20% payable on booking to secure your place.
Remaining balance payable 30 days prior to departure date.
Client Generated Cancellations: 20% of price is non-refundable.
Greater than 30 days prior to departure (full refund less 20%).
Less than and including 30 full days prior to departure, 50% refund of all costs paid (Less 20% of full fare, Non-refundable).
Less than and including 7 full days prior to departure, no refund is available.
Rain is unlikely to force a delay of completing a safari. In the unlikely event this occurs, every attempt will be made to return you to Almerta Station as soon as possible. Prior to a safari, should rain force the operator to call a safari to be cancelled, a full refund will be offered less 20% deposit. A safari may be cancelled at the Head Cameleers discretion, due to rain. (Strictly for safety reasons). No refund will be available should rain force the cancellation of the safari whilst on trek. If a safari in operation is cancelled, due to rain, every effort will be made to return clients back to Almerta Station Homestead as soon as possible. (Safety).
We Highly Recommend:
We highly recommend that you stay at Almerta Station’s accommodation the night before treks begins (Sunday) and the night after (Friday). Monday morning is an early start, we will pick you up from Almerta Station’s accommodation on Monday morning to take you out to camel camp. Accommodation incurs additional charges. Almerta Station will advise you of available accommodation options for the dates you require. Accommodation must be booked by clicking HERE

“Russell and Tara’s passion for the Camels taught me so much to trust and let go of my fear for these beautiful loving animals. Sleeping in the swag … Falling asleep to the moon and stars, l have never experienced such silence.  The camel trek has ignited something in me that l know will stay strong. You have enriched this camel trekking trip so much for me and that was unexpected!” –  Renee Brown (Sydney, Australia)

outback camel trek

We ‘A’ Your ‘Qs’ (FAQ)

What if I don’t like it?

If you’ve read this far we’re sure you will love an Outback Camel Trek! Guaranteed! You wouldn’t be here on this page if you wouldn’t enjoy one of our camel safaris.

Will the camels spit and bite?

Not unless you want them too!? Seriously tho, camels are not as bad as the media portrays (or others tell you). We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and go home bragging to all your friends and family about how amazing the camels were/are. Camels only ‘spit’ and bite out of the fear of the unknown. Out trekking camels are very experienced with people and adore that human connection.

What is a Swag?

A swag is the most comfortable nights sleep you’ll ever have! They are basically a bed all rolled up that the camels carry on top of their saddles (see in some of our pictures).

You know, we’ve had people on our trips who suffer from insomnia and they SLEPT in our swags! No joke!

How far do we walk each day?

Not far really, when you think about the original Australian cameleers who walked 50-60km per day! We’re very much mini scale. Be prepared for 5-10km/day. This all depends on your [and the rest of the group’s] ability. Having fun & adventure is the aim!

I’ve never been around camels before, will I be okay?

Yes! We’re here to help you understand the camels and instruct you on simple handling techniques. Come with an open mind and you’ll be fine.

What’s the difference between you & other camel safari outfits?

We 100% for following your heart and what feels good for you. Yes there are other camel trek operations out there and if you prefer them over us, go for it! We’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but we hope to be yours (since you’re still reading this).

Can I bring my dog/cat?

No, not unless you want them to get hold of bait. It’s in their best interest, they’ll be much safer at home.

What kind of food do we eat?

Really yummy, cooked fresh food! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the food you get to eat. It’s fresh, it’s yummy, it’s healthy and it’s very filling. Oh AND it’s NOT dehydrated, tasteless packaged food.

How much water can I drink?

As much as you need. The camels happily carry all our food and water for us. We always bring more than needed.

Will it be hot?

Depends on the time of the year. Generally tho it should be quite pleasant because we only operate in the winter months (May-August). We say to come with layered clothing – it’s the bees knees!

Who are you guys anyway?

We’re glad you asked, because it would be weird to go on a camel trek in the outback (think Wolf Creek) without knowing who you’re going with. Read about us HERE

“This was really my first outback experience, my first time in a swag and my first time ‘handling’ camels. The camel trekking team and the camel train could not have been better guides.  It’s a rugged adventure, with landscapes changing from rocky scrub, red sand and camp each night makes the most of the diversity.  Wandering through the outback is freedom. The camels are a reminder that we are all one.  This adventure is for you if you want to let go, get off the grid, strip back to the bare essentials, wander in a pocket of this vast land, feel alive, feel dirty, feel grounded, feel a part of something bigger, feel hope for the human race and feel the heartbeat of Australia and mother nature.” – Ainslie Williams.

Camel Trekking Group Bookings of 6+ people & Speciality charters

Some of our speciality groups that join us regularly for a good ol’ camel safari:

  • Yoga Camel Treks
  • Artists (landscape) Treks
  • Family Reunion Treks
  • Religious group treks
  • Friends reunion treks
  • Birthday celebration treks
  • Photographer Treks
  • Healing Retreat treks
  • Youth Treks (Youth Camel Camp)
  • Self development treks
  • Team building and corporate treks
  • Individuals wanting an adventure
  • Opportunities are endless, contact us to discuss an idea.

Group Intensive: $200 discount per person, group leader comes for free. Group (6+ people) Price: $1500pp Prices are in AUD
Camel Trek

2017 Outback Camel Safari Dates

May 15th – 19th (filling quickly)

June 12th – 16th (12th Labor Day)

July 10th – 14th

August 14th – 18th, Yoga Trek (2 places remaining)

2018  Outback Camel Trek Dates:

May 14th – 18th

June 11th – 15th

August 20th – 24th

Our July Outback Camel Trek will be an extended 16 day Desert Camel Expedition trekking to the famous Lake Eyre. If this extended camel trek interests you more please click HERE

Some of The Trekking Camels


Camel Training

Jack is possibly the most affectionate camel known to man. He loves children like they are his own. Trust is ever present with Jack and he doesn’t mind expressing himself in a most amusing way. He has a great sense of fun…….and he knows it. Jack never ceases to surprise his handlers with his affection and willingness to be a part of the team.

Tara LeaEuco has all of the enthusiasm of a young camel with the world at his feet. He consistently craves for attention and praise as if to say, “am I your favourite? Please let me be your favourite!” He has proven his strength and ability to overcome difficult situations which has made him an invaluable camel to the herd.

Camel TrekCoco has personality plus. He loves to play when not working and his antics will keep you amused for hours. He is a very steady camel in the string and he is earmarked to lead his own herd of camels one day in the future.



Camel Training Taggles Taggles is a thinker and he loves trekking, seeing new things and exploring. When watching him from a distance, you can almost hear him think. He is a great team player and loves comforting words. During quiet times with Taggles, don’t be surprised if he places his head on your shoulder, or has a nibble of your hat.

Camel Training CamillaCamilla, is absolutely full of love & kindness, but takes awhile to build trust with humans due to her past. She’s one of the very special camels in our herd that we trust for our children to handle, she wouldn’t hurt a fly! Careful consideration is required as to her past, she has many fears that she needs to overcome. All very doable with lots of love and kindness. She has already been the topic of many conversations and is soon to release her own mp3 ringtone! When it’s not trekking season she is semi-retired and acts as our camel farm’s midwife – nurturing our pregnant cows and keeping them safe.

Camel Trekking

Syhid is quite possibly one of the nicest animals you’ll ever come across in life. His personality oozes with love and respect. Everyone who encounters a safari with Syhid will instantly fall in love with him. Being the second in charge of the herd, he is well loved by all. A magnificent camel and a terrific friend.


Camel Trekking

Queen Sheba. We often think that her nickname should be “Gamel”, which is Arabic for Beautiful and Camel. This beautiful camel was rescued by some very genuinely caring folk who also rescued donkeys. Queen Sheba is now on a learning curve to become a part of the herd and learn how to be a camel (not a donkey). She is a terrific example of a camel who has known nothing but love, kindness and a gentle touch. A very affectionate camel which is eveident to all those that come in contact with her!

Outback Camel Trek