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5 Tips on How to Choose a Camel Trainer

I remember how much it sucked in school when you couldn’t choose your teachers to learn from. One year you could be thanking your lucky stars the next you want to quit school. Truth be it we don’t learn well when we don’t resonate with our teachers. There has to be a personality match somewhere and also similar values to life. For this is what shapes us as human beings and this is also what shapes camel’s and their behaviour.

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It’s hard to find someone you resonate with to be your camel trainer and or mentor to assist you learning to train your camel, because camel trainers can be numbered and are a limited breed it’s easy to simply get information from anyone you can if they’ve been involved with camels, even if it’s the slightest bit of contact. But, just like raising children you want to make sure this is a good start for you (as the parent) and the child (the camel).

To find a mentor that you can relate to is like sitting on a gold mine. We all learn best when we find that connection and resonance with our teacher. No one learns properly from someone they don’t relate to.

Sometimes this can mean similar stories of their life, or particular characteristic, admiration or sometimes just an ‘all roads lead to this path’ type of situation (gut instinct).

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When a camel enters your life it’s very sooner after you realize that they are not like any other animal you’ve had, besides the obvious things, their nature and instincts are different to any other animal. You realize you need help and you need is A.S.A.P so Dr Google to the rescue. You might find something your looking for or you might be certain that any camel trainer is a good camel trainer for you and your camel – which is an easy thing to do since they are few and far between.

Being camel trainers ourselves we are not a retail store. We don’t serve everyone. We don’t help and train everyone. We’ve turned people down before and told them that we cannot help them because it was clear that they did not have the camel’s best interest at heart. We simply and physically cannot help people like this. We’re not interested in their money (regardless if they are offer to pay ‘double’ the price). It’s not in our nature. The camel’s best interest is close to our hearts. We believe that camels are not ‘just’ an animal, they, like us, also have a spirit to nurture and connect with. Russell often says “they are like us, just with a different costume on”.



1. Make sure their actions meet their words. Research the trainer. Get feedback from others who have experienced the trainer.

2. Call the potential trainer and ‘interview’ them as you would for choosing a school for your child.

3. Use your gut instincts – they never lie!

4. Ask or research on their website what their core values are as trainers and compare it to other trainers you come across.

5. Speak to them over the phone. Get an idea of who they are and what they can offer. It may or may not be a personality match.


Again, it’s so important to follow your gut instincts. If it doesn’t feel right keep searching!

Written By Tara Lea

Managing Director & Co-owner/Operator

Australian Camels


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