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with our In Person Trust Based Camel Handling Course, Level One – Camelology (The Basics)

We know how frustrating it can be to get good information about camel training styles and techniques, especially a style that resonates with you. The free information doesn’t seem to help and can make you feel even more unsure. We know you want to be a responsible camel owner (why else would you be here?) and that you have the camel’s best interest at heart. This course (clinic) is an In Person, hands on Trust Based Camel Handling Course. 3 Day Intensive Camel Training Course. BONUS: Basic husbandry eBook and tailored  information and advice.



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November 17th -19th  2017

With Optional Camel Purchase 


We are here to help you!

  • Would you like to  learn how to train and handle camels based on TRUST, MUTUAL RESPECT & LOVE FOR THE CAMEL?


  • Do you worry that you might be teaching your camel the ‘wrong things’ or have this feeling that your camel isn’t understanding  you?


  • Are you a beginner (maybe even without camels yet) and want a place to start your camel journey?


  • Do you want to learn how to read and understand camels better?


camel training course


Our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training method isn’t really camel training at all, it’s people training. We believe that in order for a camel to comply with what you are asking of it the HANDLER has to change his or her way of thinking, to think more like a camel. When it come’s to training camels we’re not asking the impossible of them. We’ve built this Trust Based Camel Training method off the camel’s natural abilities, this is all we ask of them in this type of training. BUT FIRST, in order to achieve these things A CAMEL HAS TO TRUST YOU-  without the manipulation of food (treats) or bribery. 

Don’t be fooled! A camel’s size does not mean they need heavy force in order to be trained. The opposite is true – our passion is to show you how!

This Camel Training Style is for you if….

  • You hate the idea of being ‘heavy handed’ on an animal
  • You prefer a relationship based on trust and respect rather than fear
  • You have recently purchased a camel and want to learn more about them
  • You don’t want your camel to learn long lasting bad habits
  • You want your camel to WANT to be with you and not fear you
  • You want your camel & yourself to be on a pathway towards training success
  • You want to learn how to “work” with your camel rather than having the camel work FOR you
  • You want a loving and trusting relationship with your camel
  • You want to create a business idea from using camels

Sound like you above? We want to train you with the Trust Based Camel Training Methods, because we believe that you and your camel(s) deserves mutual respect and friendship.

We ask the camel to with work ‘with’ us not ‘for’ us


TRUST ISN’T a camel coming up to you to be fed treats – SPOILER ALERT: they only want food and see you as a way to get it.   TRUST ISN’T a camel being intrigued and fascinated with you – this is their nature, you’ll find, once put to the test (start asking them to do things) their fear will show up. TRUST ISN’T making a camel do things for you out of fear, a camel is scared/uncomfortable when he cuds (spits) & when he growls. TRUST ISN’T putting a camel (or handler) in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation for training purposes. Camel Training

What others are saying…

“Do this course! You don’t have to do all the ‘old school’ stuff, it’s so much easier than that. Open your mind to the camel and learn about them, you’ll just LOVE it! Every household should have a camel and do this course!” – Elizabeth, NSW, Australia The truth be it, we’re NOT CAMEL TRAINERS… WE’RE PEOPLE TRAINERS! That means that YOU get hands on with this training method and your camel(s) for the best results EVER! Don’t have your own camel yet? We’ve got you covered, we supply camels for you to train and experience.

If we train YOU to train YOUR camel(s) you will get:

  • A better bond with your camel
  • Much better understanding of the camels phycology = easier handling
  •  A cheap investment, particularly if you have or want to train other camels.

Gift yourself the freedom to learn a camel training style that sits right in your heart and will give you skills to last a lifetime. You see, we’re about SUSTAINABILITY. There’s no point in us training just the camel(s) when we can send a stronger message and give an unforgettable experience to you and your camel.  

Read what Nyassa had to say about her experience (her results was not what she expected)….

Nyasa Phillips Camel Training“I’ve had my camels for three years and I decided after three years of loving and petting them like they are my big puppy dogs, that I now wanted to be able to do more with them than just pat them. Me and my camels were every uneducated. After I found this training program I had them with halters on and sitting on the 2nd day of training! I was in awe of the whole method of Trust Based Camel Training. Then we began to work on my most difficult camel – Charlie – and what went on just blew my mind. Charlie was always extremely scared and anxious, he just couldn’t do anything. It took one epic afternoon, at the end charlie was sitting. The following day he was up and down, sitting on command like a jack in a box. He was LOVING it and craving for more contact. Now I have three perfect angels, leading, sitting and connecting with. I couldn’t have done it with what I knew. Russell’s way of training is amazing. I don’t know of any other man that has the persistence, gentleness and patience that you do and I’m forever in your debt! I recommend this program to anyone that has a camel! Anyone that wants to do something with camels this is the program to do!” – Nayassa Phillips, NSW, Australia


  • 3 Days Intensive training in the Trust Based Camel Training Method
  •  Don’t have your own camel(s)? We can supply one to you to learn from and train (in some cases with option to purchase)
  •  One on One support – we answer your questions and doubts!
  •  On going support for any troubleshooting
  • Personalised camel husbandry information and advice

camel training cameleer animal training


Below are a list of current courses and their locations that we have on offer. QLD, 2017 – Dates coming soon NSW, 2017 – May 31st – June 2nd 2017 VIC, November 17th – 19th 2017 Western Australia – —coming soon! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST Would you prefer a Camel Call in from us (In-home Training)? Please click HERE These dates, times or locations don’t suit you? DON’T WORRY! Contact us so we can help you on your camel journey.

camel training course

Starting Price is $990/person depending on location of Camel Training Course.


International Camel Training  & Cameleer Training Does your Safari Park, Adventure Park or Exotic Zoo have camels and you would like to develop a riding operation, a breeding operation or even manage your camels for another specific purpose? Would you like to have camels brought to you from Australia for your park or zoo? Would you like your staff to be trained into camel handling using the Trust Based Training Handling Method of Camel Handling?

Drop us a line!

We want to help you with all of your camel requirements, training and camel export to your Safari Park, Adventure Theme Park or Private Exotic Animal Zoo.

We want to help caring and responsible camel owners just like you! We’re 100% dedicated to your camel journey and  in sharing this positive Camel Training Method.

camel training course Starting Price is $990/person depending on location of Camel Training Course.


  • Understanding Your Camel’s personality 
  • The Camel Understanding You
  • Understanding the Boundaries
  • Understanding the Process of Thought
  • Understanding the Methodology
  • Understanding the Camels Needs
  • Understanding what a camel likes and dislikes

What Others are saying…

camel training course“I’ve been working with animals in the zoo keeping field for about 30 years, I wanted to get some experience with working with large animals. I found the course to be very comprehensive as far as the needs of the animal and the training that went along with it. I also thought it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, that I was able to get the camel to do what I wanted them to do. I highly recommend this training program to anyone who has camels who want them for ride, or pleasure or milking, it’s a great course!” – Lisa Schneider, Zoo Keeper, Canberra, Australia Camel Training“I’ve had some really touching moments with my camels as I worked on and myself AND my camels on breaking down barriers. I have learnt that anything is possible when you put your heart into it. Don’t listen to what other people tell you what you can and can’t do. When you have confident people around you that know what they are doing then you’re on the right path. I fully recommend this training course to anyone and their camels.” – Michelle Philips, Muswellbrook Camel Milk Founder & Owner, NSW, Australia


We will help you with….

  • Developing a strong two way trusting Friendship
  • Understanding that trust is Paramount
  • Releasing Ego for better camel training
  • Working Together as one
  • Removing sources of Fear of camel and handler
  • Long Lasting Positive Results.
  • Developing a Life Long Friendship

camel training course

Starting Price is $990/person depending on location of Camel Training Course.

What qualifies us to teach you…?

We’ve had an array of experience working in and managing… Riding Operations Camel Trekking Camel Management & Farming Camel Expeditioner Tourism Operations Mentor/Instructor for Camel Training Courses & Expedition You can read more about us HERE

Tara Lea Russell Osborne camel trainers
Russell Osborne & Tara Lea

Why Do Others Believe in Trust Based Camel Training Method?

  • Totally non violent. (Love, trust and respect are the key to success)
  • Is instrumental in the development of a trusting two way relationship between camel handler and the camel.
  • Encourages the highest level of two way respect.
  • Develops a high level of understanding of needs and requirements.
  • Creates a loving and trusting bond between handler and camel.
  • Can be built upon for greater achievements (like a business set-up)
  • Trust Based Training is about being gentle and caring.

camel training cameleer animal training


  • A gentle art where the camel and the handler are connected in a two way relationship of trust, friendship and understanding.
  • A personal growth journey for the handler (human) and camel alike.
  • An alternative approach to training compared to traditional camel training methods. It DOESN’T USE heavy handedness, violence and dominance of the camel for control or training purposes.
  • Is persuasive rather than dominate.
  • Eliminates the camel’s fear one by one to establish a good relationship and training platform.
  • Is not a ‘treat training’ method.

What others are saying…

camel training“One of the main things I’ve learnt through this program is that the things that we’ve read and other training methods that we’re suggested, the Trust Based Training is really important and beneficial that doesn’t break the spirit of the animal, you’re not trying to dominate the animals you’re actually trying to build a relationship with it and get the respect and that’s the best way to manage the camels.” – Andrea, Victoria, Australia

You can join one of our scheduled courses around Australia OR we can come to you and train you to train your camel(s) at your property/location, even if you’re international!

camel training CONTACT US to inquire further

Camel’s are very timid animals by nature although they can and will use their size if they are in fear, scared or unsure about something – Don’t risk it, try Trust Based Camel Training today with no regrets.


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