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Products suitable for:
Camel Training, Camel Riding, Camel Expedition, Pet Camels & Commercial Operations.

All 100% handmade by an experienced leatherworker, crafter and saddle maker. We are particular about how all our equipment looks and how it will uphold to weather extremes as well as to the camel’s needs.

100% satisfaction it our aim.


Camel Shop


We will never make or sell items that we do not use ourselves on our own camels.




Trust Based Camel Handling Course ONLINE


Do you want to learn how to train and handle camels based on TRUST, MUTUAL RESPECT & LOVE FOR THE CAMEL?

Do you fear that you might be teaching your camel the ‘wrong way’ or have this feeling that you’re camel isn’t understanding you?

Are you a beginner (maybe even without camels yet), but want a place to start your camel journey?


The only place on the internet where you can get a Camel Training Course!



Camel Training Course ONLINECamel Training Course


COURSE: Camel Trekking & Expedition Course Online

Get all the KNOW HOW for your Camel Trek or Camel Expedition, build your CONFIDENCE and FAIL-PROOF your plans!

The only place on the internet where you can get this information.

Learn all the ‘must knows’ of doing a camel trek or camel expedition .

Don’t gamble with your – or your camels – life. Go on your camel venture 100% confident.

camel expedition camel trek trainingcamel expedition camel trek training


Signature Australian Camel Saddles Hand Crafted

Built 100% by hand by Russell Osborne & co who take pride in creating, making and crafting the most sturdiest, long lasting, quality & prideful camel saddles that will make your professional camel operation stand out or your personal satisfaction guaranteed. Built as a multipurpose saddle for riding, exceptions & treks. MORE INFORMATION HERE

camel saddle for salecamel saddle for sale

Available in flat pack (unstuffed) or complete

Saddle covers (in first pic) not included.


Camel Nose Peg + Instructional Video

In instances where it is necessary (for operation purposes) to have a nose peg we offer the safest nose pegging option available. Our Australian made non-splintering, polycarbonate camel nose pegs is the surest way to avoid injury on the camel while offering the security of the nose peg. Purchase comes complete with instructional video to show your vet and ‘How to Handle a Camel with Nose Peg’.  We only sell nose pegs to those that get in contact with us to make sure the camels best interest is at heart. SEE MORE HERE

RRP $60AUD ea (Free Postage Australia Wide)

Bulk orders over 10 items are entitled to discount

camel nose peg for sale


Camel Halter with Nose Guard & Rope/Lead

These rope halters are ideal for training camels, expedition work, commercial operations & riding. This camel halter consists of a strong rope halter (available in two sizes) with a hand made leather nose guard with sheep skin wool backing to protect the halter from rubbing towards the eyes like most traditional halters do on camels. The set comes complete with strong ‘silver rope’ which has a weight bearing of 2590kg breaking load with the capacity to quickly release knots if need be.

RRP $67AUD (Free Postage Australia Wide) International shipping available. 

Camel Halter


Camel Bell with Neck Strap

Perfect addition to dress up your camel(s) or for working camels in a string/caravan operation.

Our handmade neck straps with camel bells are designed for the handler to hear when things are happening in a camel string/caravan operation.

When a handler is leading a string/caravan of camels from the front they can hear what is going on with the camels behind them with the aid of these neck straps with bells. The bells on the camels will alert the handler of any disturbances before it reaches the front camel (e.g. a spook).

camel bells camel equipment sales camel shop



Camel hobbles are a useful tool of camel equipment for camel handlers/Cameleers and ideal for your camel operation, camel training , camel trekking and camel expedition.

Reasons to use Camel Hobbles: Feeding out, un-teathered, in open spaces.
SOME Training methods (If inexperienced please seek professional advice before proceeding using hobbles for training). Securing camels in an open space where limited feed and or tether points.
Necessary for camel treks, camel expedition, feeding out camels and (some) camel training.

Camel Hobbles


Camel Clothing for the Camel Lover

Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Toddlers, Babies.

Tees, Hoodies, Tanks & Onesies

Camel Mandala design is hand drawn camel mandala in memory of Noah Lea Osborne. “Too beautiful for earth” Born December 16th, passed on December 18th 2015. Mandala drawn while Noah was in utero. All proceeds go towards the Charity Camel Trek, Camels For Cuddles. See more at


Camel Clothing T-Shirt

Camel MandalaCamel Mandala T-shirt Camel Mandala Tank Top Camel Mandala Hoodie Camel Clothing T Shirt


Camel Calendar

If you enjoy all the pictures we post on social media or simply just adore the look of camels like we do then you will want to get yourself one of our 2017 Camel Calendars!

Every month have a beautiful camel picture greet & inspire you. Get some camel energy into your home and or work place!


Charity Camel Trek camels for cuddles

Charity Camel Trek camels for cuddles

THE BEST PART IS that 50% of proceeds goes towards the Camels for Cuddles Charity Camel Trek – fundraising for a Community Cuddle Cot to give the gift of time to families after the loss of a baby. In memory of our own infant son Noah who died at four days old due to birth complications.



camel rug camel saddle cloth camel saddle blanket

100% personalised camel saddle cloths, saddle blankets.
Get that sharp and professional look for your camel riding/trekking activities or for your professional operation.
These camel blankets have build in humps, one size fits most camels.
100% wool.
custom made, choose your camel rug colour and binding around outside.
Don’t compromise your look with any of your camel activities, get these sleek 100% woollen blankets for your cool camels!