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Would you like to have our camels at your open day, festival, birthday party, wedding….?


For your unique promotion or advertising idea?

We love sharing the joy of our camels with others!

Let your guests be “awed” at your special event.

Get your promotion or advertising idea working for you with a ‘big’ statement.

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Prices start at $600/hour

Our Friendly Camels…

Camel Hire
Camel Hire and Education Demonstrations

All our camels have been trained and are handled using our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ method. Contrary to popular belief, camels are very sensitive creatures and require quite, calm and gentle handling. Many of our camels have been with us for over 10 years and we mutually treat each other like good friends which makes for a great working relationship.

Camel Hire for Festivals, Fairs & Shows 

Set yourself apart, offer something unique and draw more people to your scheduled festival or event by offering camels as a visual attraction which leave a lasting impression – keep people coming back year after year. Professional Camel Hire. Invite us along to your festival HERE

camels in parade camel hire
Camel Hire Christmas Parade

We’re based in East Gippsland, Victoria and able to travel.

Camel Hire for Advertising & Promotion

Camel hire for promotion and camel hire for advertising is the best way to get your unique and outstanding message to your potential customers – who doesn’t love seeing a camel or two… or more!? We can make your goal possible with our camel hire for your promotional purposes and or to capture your selected audience attention with a ‘big’ statement.

Camel Hire for promotion
Camel Hire attracting the crowd for corporate promotion

Camel Hire for Television and Film

Do you need to set your film or television scene perfect with a camel or two or more? Want to finally make the break and get that perfect frame for your movie with camels involved? We can help you with our camel hire for film and camel hire for television. Contact us now HERE

Muslim Camel Trek Islam in the Outback

Film & Television – ABC’s Compass Program

Some of our Camel TV & Film Features:

Compass ABC

Tracks the Movie

Camel Hire for Weddings

Dreaming of that perfect wedding where you’ll stand out and your wedding day remembered forever by all who attended? Imagine a camel dressed in you chosen colours to walk you down the aisle to marry your loved one… We can help this dream come true with our Camel hire for weddings. Let’s make this happen! Inquire HERE

Camel Farm Visits for Those Special Occasions/Celebrations

Camel Farm
Camel Farm visits for special groups, occasions and celebrations.

From kids parties, adult themed parties and other celebrations our camels would love to be involved. They love to dress up and are very photogenic! Invite us along to your special event to make it that little bit more special or inquire about a camel farm visit which will be memorable forever. Life is about moments as one day they will be a memory! Inquire now HERE

Camel Hire for Education – aka “Camel Ed”

We just love to share our camels with others, that’s exactly why we created our camel education Programs for Schools, Clubs, Social Groups, Field days, Markets/festivals and the like.

Hands On & Interactive Camel Experience. Find our more about our Camel Ed HERE

Camel Education Program
Camel Ed Program with a group of Girl Guides

Camel Hire for Nativity Scenes and Plays

Also available are Nativity Donkey and Goats

Having a REAL camel as part of your nativity scene will certainly draw the crowds to your unique event. Why not even offer camel rides too to make it extra memorable!? We can also offer Donkey hire Victoria. INQURE NOW HERE

Nativity Camels

“Thanks once again for attending our family christmas celebration everyone had the best time and the camels were quoted as being the icing on the cake and the highlight of many, young and old!! Everyone was impressed with the way you ran things and your well behaved camels.”

Baptist Church, Bairnsdale VIC

Donkey Hire Nativity Hire

Our beautiful well natured donkey ‘Amber’ and our awe inspiring camels love taking part in these special events.

Donkey, Goat & Camel Hire Victoria.

Set the whole Nativity scene right with our Donkey, Goat & Camel Hire.

Nativity Donkey hire

“Thank you, thank you for bringing your wonderful camels to our christmas pageant. Their presence was just magic and many people will have lasting memories. The handling of the camels was with such love and care I was really impress.

~ Chris & Alan, Newry, VIC

Owner & Operators 

Tara Lea Russell Osborne cameleers camel trainers
Russell Osborne and Tara Lea, Owner Operators.

We’re extremely passionate cameleers (camel handlers) who adore camel kisses and long camel treks.

We love sharing our magnificent camels through our adventure camel treks, beach rides, camel hire and our camel training programs and online information. We’re also here to serve and mentor all camel owners or those thinking about being one.

Our family business is based in East Gippsland (Lakes Entrance), Victoria, Australia, a beautiful part of the world in our opinion. We travel to and fro to here and there in Australia and worldwide doing camel treks, camel training courses, clinics & speaking at events. You’ll often see our kids tag along with us on most camel outings.

You can read more about us here, what we stand for and how we got into camels in the first place.

Australian Camels Tara Lea Russell Osborne
Australian Camels, a family business

We offer short rides for your guests at your special event as well as camel hire for your unique promotion or advertising idea.

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Prices start at $600/hour