• Australian Camels camel training

    What’s Love Got To Do With Camels?

    Love, Respect and your Camel The camel in India is well known as the symbol for love. Those with a healthy relationship with their pet camels will fully understand and appreciate this symbolism but for those new to the camel as a family member, the camel is often thought of as an animal who is..Read More

  • sidi Amar

    Interview with Traditional Tuareg Nomad Cameleer

    Learn about the traditional ways of the nomadic camel people of the Sahara Desert and how much camels influence their life. Take note of the camel bonds held between the Tuareg’s and their camels. The Tuareg’s are the last indigenous people to live in the Sahara and to this day they continue to thrive out..Read More

  • Why Camel Trek in Australia – Interview

    As seen on Down Under & Beyond Podcast, by Brett Parry This week features the very first interview I have done for the podcast and it turned out to be a beauty! I found the Australian Camels Facebook page by accident and after a good browse through this and also their website, I had to..Read More

  • Muslim Camel Trek – Islam in the Outback ABC

    It’s a spiritual safari for Australian Muslims, many of whom have never being out of the city before. Participants learn how to camp on the desert sands, wash without water and how to tell prayer times by the sun and stars. Learning how to bond with your camel is all part of this spiritual adventure..Read More

  • camel expedition Russell Osborne

    Russell Osborne Camelman Dreaming Book Launch

    Russell Osborne is one of those people who follows his dreams and works hard to bring them to fruition. Although it took 13 years to plan, Russell fulfilled his dream and completed a two year trek across Australia with several camels as companions. On the way Russell managed to raise $30,000 for the Children First..Read More

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