• charity camel trek

    Bereaved Mother Camel Treks Gippsland Australia

    Tara Lea will always have a connection with her son Noah, who died a few days after a traumatic birth.   Tara Lea explains how she plans to raise funds for a cuddle cot in East Gippsland via ABC NEWS For her, one of the hardest parts of the grieving process has been dealing with..Read More

  • yoga retreat camel trek

    Yoga [Camel] Retreats – What’s the Big Fuss?

    YOGA and CAMELS, who would have thought (besides the Camel Pose – Ustrasana)? But it’s true, yoga and an outback camel trek can be combined. The rumours are spreading far and wide about it’s uniqueness and life transformations that yogis are experiencing on these outrageous camel trips.   The popular She Said website and blog..Read More

  • kenya women and camels

    Women Find Refuge & Freedom in Camels

    #CamelNews ISIOLO, Kenya – It is hard to imagine Maryam Osman, who spends much of her day leaning out of her car and bellowing at farmers, not having a say at home, let alone needing permission to leave it! But that’s how it was for her and other women in Isiolo, a small town in..Read More

  • camel trainer

    5 Tips on How to Choose a Camel Trainer

    I remember how much it sucked in school when you couldn’t choose your teachers to learn from. One year you could be thanking your lucky stars the next you want to quit school. Truth be it we don’t learn well when we don’t resonate with our teachers. There has to be a personality match somewhere..Read More

  • camel milk benefits

    Camel Milk – is it Really That Good?

    It’s not new news to Middle Eastern cultures, but to westerners Camel Milk news is spreading far and wide. You say ‘camel milk’ and people say “ewww…” yet question them ‘have you tried it’ and the answers is always ‘no’. It’s hard to believe that camel milk can be as good as it’s proclaimed… didn’t cow..Read More

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