• camel training Trust Based Camel Training

    Camel Training: Can a Camel Ever Be Your Friend?

    There’s much debate in the animal world on whether or not animals, that once were wild, can ever really be your companion or friend. The questions linger about the reasons why an ancestry wild animal might want to be around a human and seems to, above anything else, result from humans making connections by offering..Read More

  • caring for camels camel husbandry tips

    7 Helpful Tips for Camel Care and Camel Husbandry

    Being a new camel owner can be a nervous time, questions linger and the Google search begins: How to Care for a Camel. Unfortunately there isn’t much information available on the World Wide Web about camel care, camel training or camel husbandry, which can make you wonder if you’re even getting the right information in..Read More

  • outback camel trek, camel safari Traveller Instead of Tourist

    How To Be a Traveller Instead of Tourist

    If you’re anything like us when visiting a place the last thing you like to be seen as, is a “tourist”.  We’d much prefer to be a “traveller”. Someone who takes every moment as it comes without being on a schedule. Read more below or if you like to do more than one thing at..Read More

  • World Camel Day: 3 Camel Myths – Busted!

    IT’S WORLD CAMEL DAY – yes an actual day dedicated to camels, how cool is that? It’s a really cool thing for us here at Australian Camels HQ – a whole day dedicated to the CAMEL, although if truth be told…. It’s not much different to every other day (who’s complaining)! 22nd of June is..Read More

  • Camel Saddle which style is right for you?

    Camel Saddles Which Style Is Right For You?

    We’re really big fans of ‘Dr Google’  here at Australian Camels HQ. Out of curiosity and just to see ‘what comes up’ we decided to Google ‘Camel Saddles.’ 99% of the search results were eBay listings for their ‘Decorative Egyptian Camel Saddle Stool,’ the type you sit on, not the… well, you know… Hours later camel saddles..Read More

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