Advance Camel Training Level 2

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Advanced Camel Training Program

Camel Expedition Training | Camel Riding | Managing a herd of Camels
In person, ‘hands on’ Training to help you get more Advance training than our Camelology level 1.

What we offer:

  • More advanced camel management and husbandry
  • Camel Riding: Training camel’s to ride
  • Camel Riding: management and control
  •  Camel Management: expedition preparation & training
  • Camel heard control and safety
  • This level can prepare you for our professional course if you choose

Who is this for?

  • Camel Riding enthusiast
  • Those that dream of doing their own Camel Expedition
  • Entrepreneurial minded people wanting to operate their own camel safari, camel riding or camel milking business/operation.
  • Cameleers wanting to manage more than one camel (i.e. camel string/train/caravan)

Level 1 must be completed before this level can be applied for as the Trust Based Camel Handling skills are the core of any successful and longterm relationship with camels.

Need something more specific? We can tailor this level to suit a more specific need of yours, contact us to discuss ideas.

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